Mac just crashed, restarted, database problem for one DB

My Mac just crashed, it restarted, and there’s a database problem for one of my DBs.

Just saw that one database failed.

What exactly does this mean and why did this happen?

I’ve also got this symbol next to the database in question now. What does it stand for?

What does rebuilding do and how can I tell which file has been damaged (and how can I compare the two databases together, in terms of database integrity)?


Where is this database located?

The crossed pencil shows there is a permissions issue with the database.

It’s located in my Documents folder (default location for DEVONthink databases, I presume).


Update: I just rebuilt the database and the icon is now gone. All the folders are collapsed as well but when I look at the database file in the documents folder the creation date is the same.

What exactly does rebuilding do?

I’ve verified the database in question but when the bar finishes loading it just disappears and doesn’t tell me whether the rebuilding has been successful or not.

Because some people put their databases in a Dropbox folder and have experienced damage due due to it.

Rebuilding exports your database and reimports and reindexes it.

If you don’t receive an error message after a Verify & Repair run, no errors were found.

Thanks for the clarification.

Ah, alright.

Slightly unsettling, I have to say, to have no visual feedback as to whether it was successful or not.