Mac OS X emulator support for Devon software?

Will any Mac OS X emulator successfully run Devon software on Windows XP? I am still restricted to Win XP till late 2006, before moving to a Macintosh, but I would like to start using Devon software now. Does anyone have experience of using an emulator to do this? Is any particular emulator recommended? If this will work, will I be able to move all Devon data from Windows to Macintosh eventually?


James, I know of no genuine OS X emulator that could do this.

James, I tried PearPC for that same reason (two pieces of software: DTPro and a mac-specific incarnation of LaTeX). All I can say is that two months later I bought a used iBook G4. :slight_smile: The emulator is in its infant stages; it is nice, it gives you a sense of what mac is about, you can install any program, and - yes - you can then use the files on the emulator on a real mac, but it is WAY too slow to use in any serious fashion, outside of simple text based programs. It seems Win users like myself who try out the emulator just ending up their quick transition to Mac, especially after seeing DTpro! Good luck.

Bill, Talazem,

Thank you for your informed replies, I appreciate them. Now that even more appealing Macintosh hardware is available and, presumably, even better is on the way, I will simply have to make the switch sooner. I would really like to start using Devon software and will have to figure out how best to preserve as much information as possible until then, to incorporate into Devon later.

Regards and thank you. James.