Mac OS X like labels

The labels provided by DEVONthink are very much like labels were in the Classic system. I would like if the labels were like Finder- oder Mail-labels in Mac OS X. Or even better if they would be like Finder-labels with “Hey Folders!” installed. (see )

This is a matter of taste on the one hand. But on the other hand the old-styled labels does not attract attention. They are not “loud” enough to make much sense.

Eric told me that lot of users want the old style labels, which I can’t imagine. Therefore my question: What do you think?

old labels!


may I ask why?

In my opinion,

OSX labels are better for list views, old labels are better for icon views. Does Hey folders combine these two :slight_smile: ?(If yes, this would be my choice, otherwise, I have no opinion)


yes, hey folders combines both.


the old ones are less obtrusive.


Yex, indeed they are absolutely unobtrusive. Therefore I would call them useless.

That is wrong. One realizes the colour change, but still can concentrate on the other information because the labels don’t shout at me. I hate if people and things shout at me.


I agree with Maria: the old labels are not useless. As Eric said, many users prefer these old styled labels. So, I think these should stay as they are. For me, It’s OK.

(By the way, I’d like to have at least 12 different (old styled) labels, instead of 7, this would be very useful for me.)