MacBook Pro rebooting and messing up databases

I know that this is not a DT question per se, but some of you may have experienced the same problem and found a solution:

My MacBook Pro reboots automatically sometimes and it messes up my databases if DT happens to be running (always does, awesome programme). Has any of you experienced the same and found a solution?


If your Mac is spontaneously rebooting on its own, I’d have someone take a look at it. That is definitely abnormal behavior.


i can easily imagine that happening not only to DEVONthink databases but other open files due to a crashing machine.

My best advice is to

  • close all apps not in use just in case a reboot
  • call Apple support and arrange repair of your machine.
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The system log(s) might provide some hints as to what’s happening there. My best bet is a hardware problem, my second best an open and running Photoshop – that has crashed my Mac sometimes, too. Though the problem is gone with Big Sur, it seems.


I have asked our IT people at the university to look into it, but their first response was that new Macs do reboot by themselves in relation to updates. Horrible, if that is the case. Thanks for the quick replies!

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Humm. Maybe there is, like with Windows and even Linux, a reboot after an update to “finalise” the update, but continuing re-boots as you see is not normal (and is probably hardware or a rouge bit of software). So … they are giving you what I noticed in my corporate career the standard IT response to push back on a request of help. I’m surprised they didn’t ask you to clear all your browser cookies. Oh well. ¯_(ツ)_/¯