MacMiniColo server, laptop & iOS devices

Hi there, until now I’ve been running DTPO on my MacBook and syncing to a .dtCloud file in Dropbox.

I now have a Mac Mini sitting in a datacenter (via MacMiniColo in Dublin) with an extremely fast ‘pipe’ to London.

DTTG 2 looks great for syncing my mobile notes to my MMC server and then being accessible on my MacBook, but I’m struggling to see how best to set everything up so I don’t cause issues with syncing.

At this stage, I have just “imported” my databases from Dropbox’s .dtCloud file into DTPO on the MMC server which was fine.

Can I now share my databases via WebDAV by enabling OS X Server’s file sharing over WebDAV and then add the MMC WebDAV server as a sync connection on my MacBook and DTTG on iPhone?

Thanks, and if anyone has had any luck getting DTTG and a Mac’s WebDAV server connected, I’d welcome any tips! EDIT: WebDAV is now all working smoothly (and fast!).

That’s possible.

Please ensure that the URL is correct, e.g. includes the full path, uses the right scheme (http/https) and specifies the port if necessary. In addition, the specified path has to exist on the server.

OK thanks. To clarify the ideal setup here:

  1. Databases stored on the MMC server in “DTP” folder.
  2. Using Sync settings, I create a Local Sync Store in “DTP_SYNC” folder.
  3. After enabling WebDAV sharing for the DTP_SYNC folder, I can go to Sync settings on my Macbook and select “New WebDAV Server” and connect to the MMC server’s DTP_SYNC store.
  4. On DTTG, I can also add my MM server’s DTP_SYNC share too.

Does that sound OK in terms of making the most of my MMC server?

Thanks again.

At least it sounds okay, whether it’s the best solution depends on the usage scenario.