macOS 11 and ARM Macs

So, Apple announced macOS Big Sur Monday, finally cranking the dial to 11. New UI, and a new CPU architecture! Curious to hear what the DT community and devs think about the direction things are going. Will DEVONthink adopt the new macOS UI? Will it be ready for the ARM Macs on day one? Will the DT community be conservative in adopting Big Sur and Apple Silicon? Will DEVONAgent make the cut, or will it finally be retired? What do you think?


Sounds like the upgrade path for developers to compile for both ARM and Intel processors for a while will not be a major obstacle.

I don’t particularly see why the GUI needs to change at all just to follow a fad.

More notable to me will be how long our hardware lasts vs is forced into obsolescence. I just bought a new Mac Pro which I hoped would last a decade due to its modular design; if the motherboard is not part of the modular design and SSD or MPX modules or RAM are not compatible with ARM hardware, then that will be a very big disappointment.

Yea, the Mac Pro is a big question mark. John Siracusa just did the same thing, retiring his previous Mac Pro after a decade. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple wanted to leave behind the Intel baggage as soon as they could, but they’re going to have to support both architectures for a long time.

Speaking personally, I hate the aesthetic direction of Big Sur. I do not want the iOS-ification of my Mac. They are not the same platform and should never be IMO. :angry:


@BLUEFROG Understandable, and I think quite a lot of Mac users feel the same. I’m excited about the new look, it’s been a long time since there’s been any interesting changes to the UI (Pinstripes! Brushed metal!). Long as my tools still work, I’m good with moving the UI forward.

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Long as my tools still work, I’m good with moving the UI forward.

I agree, as the cosmetics of an application are no indication of the quality and functionality of an app. I just would rather see continued a more professional look for macOS.


Preparing the code was just a matter of minutes actually.


Does this mean you already have DT3.5 running on ARM.
This would be a major thing for me to move to the ARM Plattform. :slight_smile:
I am generally a little worried about future adoption though. The Mac started to become big and get widespread support once it moved to the intel platform.
What positive signs are on the other hand are other platforms like chromebooks, supercomputer with ARM and windows 10 for ARM are also moving that direction.
Lets see where it gets us :thinking:

Theoretically yes, practically no. We’ll see whether we’ll get one of the limited development kits.

Personally I don’t mind (anymore) what kind of CPU is in a computer as long as it’s fast & efficient. E.g. I could imagine better performance and/or battery life especially for the MacBooks but also a really thin iMac without a fan. Or a Pro computer with dozens of cores.

And the only good reason for the new UI of Big Sur is IMHO to prepare it for touch devices.

Well, let’s wait what Apple will have to offer in the end :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t mind having a full fledged DT3.5 on my iPad Pro. (With which I don’t want to say that DTTG isn’t a great product but I would like the “AI” in it ) :wink:

Actually, whether we like the new look or not, it absolutely makes sense for Apple to unify at least the design language used on the Mac and the one used on iOS. Many Apple users switch frequently between their Mac and an iPad or at least an iPhone. We’ll see if that is a good thing for the Mac in the long run.


Hmmm. Hate is a strong word. Give it a chance my friend, you might like it.


The compatibility of apps during the last transition from PowerPC to Intel was not that compatible or with similar apps’ performance. Better think twice about the stability of core apps before switching to new hardware.

Whilst I agree with that observation without reservation, I’m really glad to hear that DEVONtech is already thinking about and looking into making one of the most important core apps compatible and stable :wink:

(that appears to be months to years ahead of the company which produced the app I previously used [and yes, I’m sorry I used something else previously :stuck_out_tongue:])

It makes me nervous to read of DEVONAgent “finally being retired.” I use it quite a bit and find it really helpful!

But why, this was a question of a user, not an announcement by DEVONtechnologies staff members!

No one said DEVONagent is “finally being retired”.


Is this true? I really like Devonagent and use it regularly. I would be quite dissapointed.

Oops! It looks like I inadvertently started a rumor!

I was simply referring to the OP’s statement asking whether DEVONAgent will be “finally retired.” I somehow found that wording concerning…as if observers have long been awaiting its retirement.

Looks like there’s nothing to worry about! Sorry, my bad.


That is not what I said. You have cherry-picked part of my statement for some unknown reason.

Again: No one said DEVONagent is “finally being retired”.

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