macOS 11 and ARM Macs

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Oh Thanks. Well that is good to know. Thank you for the clarification.

I would LOVE to be able to run MacOS on iPad HW. I wouldn’t need to carry both when traveling (the iPad is perfect for watching videos while flying). The new keyboard with trackpad for iPads makes MacOS input easy.

The new ARM CPUs are a no-brainer for the macOS… just one re-compile of the code with the new/current Xcode. Job done.
That was already the case when NeXTstep went from Motorola to PowerPC, later to Intel and now to ARM… the „fat“header of the executables are cross platform/CPU compatible.

In this case the different byte order caused much more work actually.

The much larger concern I have about the new ARM architecture results from the lack of support for Windows!
Even if I don’t want to, I am forced to run certain Windows programs on my iMac within a Parallels VM!
This support will end with the new CPU, and that means that a lot of people will end up in trouble and either have to run a PC parallel, or end the „iMac-Adventure“ at that point!
If this happens, Apple will lose its position on the Desktop market, and most probably will end the iMac as a consequence…!

Apple has made it clear that support for Bootcamp will end

The status of Parallels and VMWare is not as clear. Both companies have a strong vested interest in making their product work on the new Macs. Apple has a strong vested interest in helping them to make that happen. So I would guess the odds are high that will indeed happen.

Apple will lose its position on the Desktop market, and most probably will end the iMac as a consequence…!

They won’t.
I realize the end of native x86 is a major issue for users who rely on that, but it’s a very small fraction of the population (and don’t expect Apple to have not crunched out the numbers). I’m sorry for you people who depend on this feature, but ending Bootcamp support will not make the sky fall on Apple.

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You miss, that macOS is already a “very small fraction of the population” with a market share of only around 10%!
And that also only because their success after the change towards Intel, and the possibility to use Windows as a add on with a more or less normal performance as there were no emulation of the CPU needed anymore!
Even with the “classical” iMac Apps coming from Adobe you can expect some huge problems, if you take for example a look on Photoshop for iOS, and the difficulties Adobe is facing since the first announcement in bringing that towards a professional level.
It is unfortunately a matter of fact, that a lot of people are forced to use still Windows-Apps, as there are no comparable solutions for the iMac.

I mean people needing the x86 instruction set for emulation or running Boot Camp is a very small population of the Mac user base. Do you think Apple would shoot themselves in the foot if it would hamper them? They won’t.

As for performance, the DTK with Rosetta 2 already runs Intel-compiled apps better the Microsoft’s own Surface X. I don’t think performance or compatibility will be a problem. Apple already has experience with that kind of transition and it’s easier going from Intel to ARM than from PPC to Intel was.