MacOS / DT3 Filenames on more than one line

Hey everyone,

for work I receive lots of files with very long filenames (over which i neither have control nor the time to rename them). Is it possible to show the filename on 2 (or as many as are needed) lines instead of one?
If not possible in DT3, does anyone know a method that works in Finder?


Re Finder: That question has been discussed on the Net previously.

Re DT: I doubt that’s possible, and I can easily display file names of 86 characters (also not created by me, and I’ll certainly change them to make them useful).

Re solution: Overly long file names are, in my opinion, bordering on useless since it takes too long to read and consequently understand them. If I’d receive such monsters regularly and there’s a pattern to the filename(s), I’d use a smart rule to tame them.


Welcome @tnaescher

In the item list in DEVONthink, you can widen the columns…

In DEVONthink To Go, you can enable mutliple lines in the View > Options > Summary

And while we understand it’s not always possible, we also discourage using overly long filenames. An older, but still germane post…

You could also use Hazel with Finder to rename files depending on several criteria.

Hope that helps