[macOS/iOS sync - Rich Text] - Text gets bigger after sync

I’m using the latest iOS version of DEVONthink on my iPad Pro 6 and I use DEVONthink 3.8.1 on High Sierra.

I create a rich text note on my Mac and I do a sync. The text shows up on my iPad just fine.

However, no matter what font size I configure on the iPad – after I edit a rich text document on my iPad and then sync it back to the Mac –wow – the text size has gotten bigger on my Mac than it was before on the Mac.

This is no matter how I tweak or set the font size on both devices.

Is this enlarging effect a bug?


I’d say it’s unlikely.
I’d guess you have magnified the view on the Mac. Choose View > Zoom > Actual Size. Does that resolve it?

No, I have not set anything to enlarge. The font size increases on the Mac after the sync. Likewise, it increases after a sync on the iPad.

Can you reproduce this behavior?

The behavior as described is super annoying because it throws my thinking off track when I look at my written thoughts again later, seeing them in a different form. My “workaround” is currently to not write or edit my text on the iPad but that’s a pity since it’s so cool to be creative with an iPad on my lap…

Here’s a screenshot. As you can see, the font of my initial line written on the Mac is now larger. The proof is the screenshot that I did before the sync and the edit on the iPad. Let’s ignore for now the different font sizes between iPad text and Mac text – the issue is that after an edit on the iPad and a sync – the font on the Mac is larger:

And what’s the font & size of the first line actually now?

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