Macro to optimize workflows with transcluded items


here I want to share a keyboard maestro macro I created based on my own use case working with transclusion.

It addresses two limitations to optimize editing workflows:

  1. There are no automatic backlinks in notes with transcluded items. So in order to edit, one needs to manually search for the item and open it each time.

  2. If a larger number of individual notes (e.g. from a Zettelkasten) are transcluded in a summary markdown note, then it can be quite time-consuming and tedious to determine which link refers to which note.

How to use the macro

In the markdown preview, select the title of a transcluded note. Then hit the shortcut to trigger the macro.

Macro Steps

  • Copy selected text
  • Open a new tab
  • Search database for the copied text in item names
  • Display the found item’s contents in the new tab (preview needs to be enabled)
  • Copy the item link
  • Go back to previous tab (which contains the summary note)
  • Search within the summary for the item link of the transcluded item

With one key stroke you can open the transcluded item in a new tab for editing and also see, which of the transclusion links in the main document refers to it.

Transclusion Workflow Optimization (1.2 KB)