Will DEVONtechnologies have a booth at MacWorld next week?


No, unfortunately not this year. We’re very busy with developing new products :slight_smile: But we will very likely be back in 2008!

Look forward to 2008 already!

At MacWorld yesterday (07/01/09) had a conversation with Eyal Redler of Mellel about DEVONthink and making Mellel readable in DT. He was very open to the idea (btw… great to talk with and gave me a lot of help). It sounds like it all comes down to priorities: which features come in what order. There are only so many people to do the work (true with Mellel… also true with DT). With that said, I don’t know how these things proceed but at least it seems a possibilty if it were important enough for each product.


We have an XSLT-based importer in mind, so a soon as Mellel has an XSLT stylesheet for their XML file format (which is the #1 reason for choosing XML, IMHO) we’re more than happy to support it in DEVONthink 2.0 (due, well, when it’s ready).