MacZot-Espionage Folder Encyrption and DTPO

Does anyone have any experience with the application Espionage and DTPO2?

I’m working with a test database, but can’t seem to get it to open the existing database “Example To-Do List.dtBase2”.

Here’s what it does. Creates an encrypted ‘folder’ called “Example To-Do List.dtBase2”, when I launch DTPO, it prompts for a password to open (Espionages password, I don’t have one set in DTPO) and I enter it and the DB opens, but it’s empty. I start entering data into it and when I quit DTPO, the ‘folder’ Example To-Do List.dtBase2 is locked.

I can then open the folder in the Finder by entering a password and it shows:

/Volumes/EspionageMounts/UserAccount/3795128714/Example To-Do List.dtBase2/DEVONthink-1.dtMeta
/Volumes/EspionageMounts/UserAccount/3795128714/Example To-Do List.dtBase2/DEVONthink-2.dtMeta
/Volumes/EspionageMounts/UserAccount/3795128714/Example To-Do List.dtBase2/DEVONthink-3.dtMeta
/Volumes/EspionageMounts/UserAccount/3795128714/Example To-Do List.dtBase2/DEVONthink-4.dtMeta
/Volumes/EspionageMounts/UserAccount/3795128714/Example To-Do List.dtBase2/DEVONthink-5.dtMeta
/Volumes/EspionageMounts/UserAccount/3795128714/Example To-Do List.dtBase2/DEVONthink-6.dtMeta
/Volumes/EspionageMounts/UserAccount/3795128714/Example To-Do List.dtBase2/DEVONthink-7.dtMeta
/Volumes/EspionageMounts/UserAccount/3795128714/Example To-Do List.dtBase2/DEVONthink-8.dtMeta
/Volumes/EspionageMounts/UserAccount/3795128714/Example To-Do List.dtBase2/DEVONthink-9.dtMeta
/Volumes/EspionageMounts/UserAccount/3795128714/Example To-Do List.dtBase2/DEVONthink-10.dtMeta
/Volumes/EspionageMounts/UserAccount/3795128714/Example To-Do List.dtBase2/Example To-Do List.dtBase2(<-Contains my original DB content)
/Volumes/EspionageMounts/UserAccount/3795128714/Example To-Do List.dtBase2/Files.noindex
/Volumes/EspionageMounts/UserAccount/3795128714/Example To-Do List.dtBase2/Settings.plist

So my “original” Example To-Do List.dtBase2 is nested and DTPO doesn’t read it. I can, in the unlocked Espionage folder use show contents and see the original items are still there.

I can see this as a tool to effectively protect sensitive dtBase2 files, but was wondering if others have used this approach and have any feedback.

Is there a simple way to export existing data structure from DatabaseA.dtBase2 and then import it back in-tact. Because then, I could export, import and delete DatabaseA.dtBase2/DatabaseA.dtBase2 folder

With help from the Espionage dev, I was able to simply create a folder and put the DB in there.

ie:Example To-Do List.dtBase2

Create a parent folder, MyEncryptedDatabases, place the .dtBase2 file in there and lock the parent folder. It doesn’t touch the contents of the .dtBase2 file, it just encrypts MyEncryptedDatabases folder either with AES-128 or AES-256 protection.

Now I don’t have to lock each individual .dtBase2 file or be concerned that even though my data my has a password to open (built-in DTPO) while knowing that the actual content is ‘in the clear’ in the Finder.

I have just purchased Espionage, mostly for encrypting the information I have in my DTPO databases.

My understanding is that you can ‘lock’ the parent folder with a password, but this is significantly less secure than encrypting the contents.

My understanding is that you can also add DT to the Espionage ‘Applications Template’ group, and that DT will then work with the encrypted databases, rather than needing unencrypted databases within a locked folder.

Have you tried this latter method? Are you just ‘locking’ the parent folder?