Magic Hat to work Across Databases

In previous version of Devonthink, you could not have multiple databases - but you could use the auto-classify feature. i loved this as it was easy to classify items and was one of the principle reasons I bought devonthink. It quickly organised accurately thousands of files. Multiple databases is great and helps with speed but it means this auto-classify feature doesn’t work any more resulting in my having to search across the databases which is slower, not ideal for a lot of what I use devonthink for.

I know it has been promised for a while but when are we going to get auto-classify across databases?

Or is there a work-around - bar putting everything back in one database?


I’ve thought this would be useful too, but then I stop and think: “I have dozens of databases, many are related, but I keep most of them shut because of performance and clutter. So, how would cross-database-auto classify work in that scenario. It wouldn’t.” And, IMO, that kills the idea for me. :frowning: (A single database would far exceed the size DTPO can handle, and would be an unworkable mess.)

An interesting and valid point. Purely for me however, I have my main databases open by default and it is these that 99% of stuff will go to. The rest of the databases I open only periodically and would happily manually mover stuff across to these. If we could have the option for auto-classify to work for just the open databases, that would suit me down to the ground - I am sure others will be in the same boat. It will never be possible to have a one-size fits all, but lots of options with the user aware of any drawbacks would be ideal.

Wonderful though devonthink is, this issue is my biggest bug-bear.