Mail and Attachments Script in New Release?

Was looking over the revision history for the new release and came across this:

NEW: Script Add message(s) & attachments to DEVONthink for easily importing both messages and attachments.

This sounds very useful but I can’t seem to figure out how to execute it. Its not in the “Extras” distributed with the software and when I go to the Message menu in Mail all I see is the usual Add to Devonthink Pro office" command (which executes as usual by importing the message only).

Tom S.

I upgraded to DTPO 2.3.4 and both the “Add to DEVONthink Pro Office” command in’s Message menu and DTPO’s “File-Import-Email” command import attachments (with the caveat noted below).

I would try reinstalling the plug-in: in DTPO, select “DEVONthink Pro Office” from the menu, then “Install Add-ons,” select only the Apple Mail plugin, and click Install. This procedure appears to be non-destructive.

(The caveat to importing attachments is that OCR is not performed on images or image-only PDFs, and there does not appear to be a way to enable OCR when importing mail with these types of attachments. Rather disappointing, this.)

With Mail frontmost, click on the Scripts icon in the menubar and choose that script to import the selected message.


I’m such an idiot. I was looking at the scripts when DT was frontmost. Dumb.

Thanks, Bill.