- Message > add to DTPO - pop-up and select DB + gr


I have recently upgraded my macbook to High Sierra. Not all is ‘fix und fertig’ but I’m getting there.
On Yosemite I had the ‘standard’ script installed to save a mail message from within to DTPO. It opened a pop-up and let me choose the DB + group.

On High Sierra I don’t get this pop-up. Also I often see the message fly by ‘0 items added to DTPO’

  1. Is there any way to copy this behaviour to High Sierra?
  2. How would I reinstall the scripts that come with DTPO?

Thanks for helping out!

(DTPO 2.10.1)

Does it work after selecting the option Preferences > Import > Destination > Select Group?

It does!
Thank you for helping out - so easy, but I missed it :wink:

:blush: :mrgreen: