Mail.appetizer and devonthink


Is there anyone having trouble with Mail.appetizer plugin and the Devonthink Office mail plugin? Because I use DevonThink Office for a few days and I’m having trouble with Mail.appetizer (I can’t enable Mail.appetizer in the preferences). I suspect DevonThink Office is the problem, because I never had this problem before. But I’m not sure (I don’t see anything in the console.log or system.log). When I use applejack to clear caches, remove corrupt preferences,… everthing is ok for awhile.


I remember one user having had a problem once between these a while ago. I have contacted the developer of the other plugin. Our plugin doesn’t do much to prevent upsetting Mail, so I wonder why we would interfere with another plugin. But you never know…

Thanks for your reply. I removed the devonthink plugin from Mail and up until now I don’t have any problems with Mail.