Mail Archiv

I would like to archive my Mail db in DTpro. I did it once (long time ago) with a script (dont know where it is now). But it did not save all Mails and made a different structure. Not like I have it in Mail.
And the script caused a flag desaster. It has set flags to all mails. I dont like that, because a I use flags to mark special mails.

Can I dogive it annother try in DTpro or do I have to buy a Mail Archive tool like MailSteward?
thanks for tips in advance

The scripts are made accessible by selecting “Help->Install Add-ons…” and then in Mail you will see the script under the Script menu icon in the right side of the toolbar.

However, the flagging is still enabled, so I guess this is not what you’d like to do.

We are working on an improved version for importing email that will leave the originals untouched. But if you need to archive your mail immediately, I’d have to recommend that you find an alternative. You could try the free “Mailscripts” it will save your emails as rtf, these can then be imported into DT Pro.