Mail archive tips and suggestions? How to make it easier?

I just archived my entire email archive to DTPO. Naturally, that replicated the Mail folder structure in DTPO, including a lot of truly terrible choices from many years ago. I then used AutoGroup to hopefully bring some order to this mess. But, I’ve spent the last several hours moving emails into more appropriate groups, and renaming DTPO folders.

Does anyone have tips, or a workflow, for using DTPO for mail archival? How did you get started? How do you keep it up to date?

Looking for the wisdom of the crowd…

It’s a lot of work to group and name things around in an archive and it is a job that can never end.

Maybe just using the See Also & Classify tools and DEVONthink’s powerful “Search” panel (including making smart groups when you need to repeatedly do the same search) – on the fly when you need to find messages? In other words, don’t spend time upfront with organizing the archive because you’ll never anticipate all the ways you’ll want to find your data in the future.

DEVONthink’s search will leave Apple Mail’s primitive search features (IMO) in the dust.

How do people keep their DTPO mail archives and their Apple Mail mailbox in sync?

I used mainly auto classification to sort my 17.000 emails at first but had to do about 2.000 manually.

For sure worth the job. Searching in Devonthink is a dream compared to Mail.

Especially bad is searching in Mail on your iOS device since the maximum emails you can have on your mobile device is 150/folder. The rest stays on the server.

So kudos to DT. I don’t know how the auto function that sorts in DT works but is is scary how exact it works. Big brother IS watching you :wink:

It is important that you start out in a consequent way with what you have in your Groups for the auto classification to work at its full potential.

This is a very important point – auto classify works very well when it can learn from your own classes.

That’s correct. I created some ten Groups first, filled them up with like a hundred messages in each, just to teach the system what I wanted where.

Then it was just mqgic :wink: