Mail archiving in Devonthink pro


I was wondering why you need the function and the Pro Version “Mail Archiving”? Any mail program has the archiving function and you simply put the mail in there. Any search finds all the news - why use Devonthink and spend $ 100 more?

It is unconventional to post the same question in the main and in the international forum.

The simple answer is: don’t, if you have no requirement to do so. I was happy to spend the additional funds to be able to use OCR within DT and for custom metadata. In addition, I do occasionally use imprinting. Initially, I did not archive mail in DT, but have actually changed my workflow in that regard. My mail program contains tens of thousands of messages, none of which comply with my file naming convention. Whilst they are grouped, the grouping is significantly less granular than in DT. As such, I have started importing those mails which I actually need to keep (think: correspondence from an insurance company regarding a claim) to DT, where I will treat them as any other document - that is provide a file name in accordance with my naming convention and file the document appropriately. Simply duplicating the structure, rules & scripts I have in DT would have cost me significantly more time/money than I paid for pro.

I actually enormously appreciate having everything in “one” place - DT is my goto for documents, research, letters, contracts, scribbles, and so on. My mail program is like my letterbox - it is simply one of the places documents come from.

Furthermore, when I search for mails, I usually need ages to find what I am looking for; in DT, it’s usually seconds. I guess there are a number of factors at play there, but grouping, naming, and a powerful search tool all play a role.

So: it’s your use case - you decide what you are doing with DT.

The range of additional functions offered by the Pro and Server editions is documented here

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