Mail archiving

I have tried several times to import emails. Devonthink does it but it is pretty useless, IMO, since it modifies the dates of the email to the date of the import. Or maybe I am just missing something as I am rather new to this.

Check the menu: View > Columns > Date Created
And there you are.

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But as far as I can see, DT Pro imports Mail messages as URL’s, not as messages. Am I right, or is it possible too to import them as messages and subsequentely delete them from the Mail archive? Or is this something only the Office version can do?

DT Pro has scripts that you can find in the System-wide script menu that will import a text version of your messages and set the URL to the mailto: of the original sender. None of the original formatting will be preserved plus a lot of other interesting extras are not there.

Hey thanks - that worked.

I am new and trying to find my way around is a little intimidating. I really want to like this product.


Thanks; but unfortunately this script doesn’t make it possible to import just some selected mail folders: it’s all or nothing. Is controlled import another feature of the Office version?

Yes, indeed. You can filter a list of messages in a mailbox with different criteria and also select what messages to archive (the latter can also be done from Mail directly).

Another thing I just noticed is that all other mail archiving products I have worked with have more columns - like ‘sent from’, ‘sent to’ etc. The name column really should be the ‘topic’ column


Hi, Peter. The archived email message is a rich text document. That means you have the search powers of DT Pro available. You don’t need all those fields.

Want to search for “From: John Smith”? Just enter the query that way, as a Phrase search. You will pull all the messages sent by John Smith.

Or just search for ‘John Smith’. The search results will pull up a list of all the documents in that archive that pertain to John Smith. Of course, you would likely want to restrict the search to the mail archive rather than the entire database.

I recommend that you use Tools > Search, as it’s easier to see the setup of the query operators.

Try experimenting a bit. You should quickly find that you can search for the items you need.

I apologize for asking what I fear is a dumb question. I bought DevonThink Pro a while back but haven’t messed with it much yes. I’m going to spend a lot of time with it over the next few weeks. One of the first things I wanted to do was archive my emails. The documentation refers to a “Add messages from Mail” script. This script is not in my menu and not in my scripts folder. I cannot find where I would download it on the Devon site and I couldn’t find additional info on it in the documentation. I suspect I’m missing something obvious. Can anyone point me to where this script is?

Thanks, and much appreciation,

Hi, Jeff. The email archiving in DT Pro Office is different from the email scripts in DT Pro.

In DT Pro when Mail is the frontmost application you should see in your global Scripts menu a ‘Mail Scripts’ header printed in light font, and under it two scripts, one for capturing message(s) to your database, the other for capturing mailbox(es).

If those scripts are not visible, it’s because your User Library has ownership/permissions errors that prevented DT Pro from installing the scripts.

See the threat at for the solution.

Then in DT Pro select Help > Install Add-Ons to install the scripts. They should now be available.

Hi Bill:

Thank you very much for the suggestions. Unfortunately, the ownerships and permissions on the script folder and the DTPro folder inside are correctly set to be for me, so I’m not sure what else to try.

I’ve been absolutely amazed by DevonThink Pro–I’ve been dumping all my research and all my notes into it over the past few weeks, and it’s already become the program I can’t live without. :smiley:

By the way, a belated Happy Birthday.


Thanks. :slight_smile:

Are you sure you have read & write permission on the Scripts folder at ~/Llibrary/? And on the Applications folder inside the Scripts folder (which is where the Mail scripts are stored)?

If there was an error, you will need to go to DT Pro Help > Install Add-Ons and confirm the installation.

Next question. With Mail frontmost, do you have a global Scripts menu? If not, there’s a way to make that visible, using Applications > AppleScript > AppleScript

Hi Bill:

I did find the scripts inside the System Scripts menu (the menu looked different from the photo in the documentation, which was part of my confusion).

Unfortunately the import process conked out while bringing over a large mailbox (the laptop went to sleep, I don’t know if that caused the problem or the size of the mailbox), but I’ll move the mailboxes over individually and hopefully that will work.

Thank you so much for the kind and prompt help.