mail > DTPO // drag'n drop - import - print pdf to DTPO


Every now and again I’d like to enclose a mail message into a DTPO project folder.
Now I wonder between expected behaviour and real behaviour:

  • mail > menus > message > add to DTPO
    This sometimes takes a very long time. It also sometimes doesn’t seem to succeed.
    To really know this I need to be eyeballing and wait until done…
    I have also noticed that on times the message will be contained in a subfolder with a sort of sync icon.
    mail into DTPO.png
    I assume DTPO imports the complete mail conversation and this can take a while…
  1. Is there any way to configure this behaviour?
    Can we have only the eml in the folder that we choose? Instead of creating additional (mail) folder(s)?

  2. When dragging’n dropping I see a green + icon appear. I have tried to wait longer before dropping (sometimes this seems to help) the message sometimes appears in DTPO, but also at times it does not appear…

Problem is I don’t know when it succeeds and when not, so in fact a reliability matter…

  1. The surefire way seems to be to print the eml to PDF into DTPO.
    This however means losing the eml format, and also losing attachments…

  2. Also: once imported into DTPO, it seems to take a while before the eml contents is shown (three pane view) which makes me wonder if DTPO is refreshing online with the mail server??

Curious to find out more…

Thank you for any help!

If you have an mailbox or folders in Mail with a large number of emails and/or you are importing conversations with a large number of threads, the import can take a “very long time”.


Any idea why drag’n drop sometimes seem to fail?

Thx for your help!

Sorry, I have no insight into your databases or mailboxes :confused: Perhaps if there’s a persistent failure you might want to open a support ticket?

I was in fact looking for a persistent way to get a failure notification instead of needing to keep an eye on console messages. I also would like to be able to ‘dock’ windows if possible.
At home I work on dual 27" monitors and often windows ‘choose’ to open somewhere hidden underneath some other window…

This would also be handy to keep an eye on sync.
Bear with me, not a complaint, just informative and suggesting.

The location of the import depends on the setting in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Import > Destination, though you may still have a group created for the emails.

If you are dragging into DEVONthink and don’t see the green plus cursor, abandon the drag and try again.

Yes, this is possible. If you wanted to use the PDf method, you may also want to look at a bespoke email archiver like Email Archiver Pro.

No, but it may pause while it renders the preview. Try using View > Text Alternative when viewing the email. This may also be set in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Email > Messages > Use alternative view.