Mail import: Duplicates despite being different

After importing several thousand mails, I have now two different mails that are marked as duplicates of each other. They have shown up with other, real duplicates in the dupicates smart group, but the Apple Script that deletes all duplicates despite one did not delete these.

It seems that Apple Script could identify the differences (different mail title / Betreff; different creation dates etc.).

I would like to get rid of the identification as duplicates, and I am in doubt about the credibility of the decision making.

Metadata like title or dates doesn’t matter, only the contents are compared. But you could enable the stricter recognition in Preferences > General, this should fix this.

Thank you for answering immediately, I really appreciate that.

I already had set the stricter recognition, but the text of the mail is identical. I wanted to keep them for correct archiving. Now I have to consider a workaround.

And the size in bytes of the emails is identical too?


Another question: Would the size be a trigger to separate PDFs? Years ago there was a problem with PDFs that shared the same first page – often, a PDF is taken from a book, and the book cover conveniently is put in front of the PDF, so despite being different, DTPO treated them as duplicates. That stopped me using DTPO for a long time.

The thumbnail of the first page is only used if the PDF document doesn’t contain any searchable text and the page count is identical, version 2 already worked like this for a long time. The stricter recognition of version 3 compares optionally also the size.

This is great news, yes, I am a user since the first beta versions, and this is sometimes misleading. It is great to restart with this version!