Mail import feature request


I use DevonThink Pro to archive email that I export in mbox format from a mail program on a different machine. When I choose File/Import/Email…, DT Pro automatically chooses Apple Mail and launches This is very annoying :confused: I don’t use on the machine on which I archive, but I am then forced to dismiss the Setup dialog and quit the program, after which I choose Unix Mailbox, and then begin the actual import.

Can this behavior be modified so that DT Pro lets me choose my preferred source for import without launching


As a possible workaround, you might try changing the Default email reader in Mail > Preferences > General to something you prefer over Mail. Yes, it’s kind of peculiar that Apple’s method of changing the default from Mail has to be done within Mail. It can also be changed using third party apps like RCDefaultApp.

Hi sjk,

Thanks for the suggestion. I guess I feel as if this won’t solve the issue for me, since I don’t really want to use any email client on my archive machine. Now, if I could have it default to “Unix Mailbox,” that would solve my problem.

Thanks again,

I’m curious if it would work (but not enough to test :slight_smile:) to set Default email reader in Mail to some lightweight “do nothing” non-email application or maybe even Finder or other always-running app, if it allows an arbitrary app to be the default. Kind of icky, though.

Yup. I thought that might be retained as the new default when selected but it doesn’t work that way.

You could drop the Unix mailbox on DEVONthink’s Dock/Finder icon, this will immediately open File > Import > Email… and load the dropped mailbox.

Ah, thank you!