Mail import/message full text issue


I am new to DevonThink Pro Office. I have imported email from Apple using v1.3beta2. However, once I open the database, all I see for each message is a mailto: link for each message and not the text of the message. Opening the ‘words’ drawer for the message suggests that the text of the message has been indexed. What do I need to do to display the full text of the message?


–Stuart Thorson

That is strange. Could you send us your database (maybe thinned out) by email to

Actually before you do that, make sure you didn’t use the Scripts menu on the right hand side of the screen to import your mail with. Either use the built-in Mail Import window of DTPO or the commands under the Mailbox and Message menus in Mail.

I was able to restore the database from an old backup and the restored version worked fine. I suspect that the DB was corrupted somehow.