Mail Import Problem DT Pro Office

I am trying to import email from using the “Import in DevonThink Pro Office” command from the Mail’s Message menu.

All I get is a DevonThink window displaying the Date and time in the first column. Under File/Action in the second column it says “Mail Import problem.” In the last column under info it says “Can’t create custom group at location: (null)”

I always get the same result regardless of my selection. Such as selecting a mail box, all messages in a mail box, a few messages in a mail box.

This is a bug that will be fixed in the next release. Importing from the Mail Import window in DTPO works fine though.

My problem is that does not show a DTPO import command on the Message menu. Is there something that I’ve missed doing with a plug-in?

Those commands are unfortunately not available in Mac OS X 10.3.9. Are you using that version of the OS by any chance?

On my workplace machine, yes, unfortunately. My office doesn’t rush to update OS.