Mail Import


It is some time since I have used DevonThink but I am not starting to use it in earnest again. However, I have come across an immediate problem. I used to be able to archive my email to DevonThink Professional and I now seem unable to do it. Looking at the help topics etc it looks like I now have to upgrade to DT Pro Office. Is this correct please? And if so what is the cost of upgrade?



Rich, you are still able to archive email in DT Pro. just as you did previously. See pp. 285-268 of the Screen version of user documentation for DT Pro 1.5.2.

The email archive scripts for DT Pro save plain text versions of the text content of messages to your database, without images or attachments.

The more sophisticated mail archiving in DT Pro Office saves rich text copies of email messages, including text, images and attachments.

The price of upgrade to DT Pro Office for a regislered User of DT Pro is just the price difference. A coupon for the upgrade is available on the Support page.

Thanks Bill

Having read through I think I’ll go with the upgrade to Pro Office - looks good.