Mail Importing in High Sierra

I am upgraded to High Sierra and noticed that I am having issues importing mail from Mac Mail. I am not 100% sure if the issue is High Sierra related however i do not believe in coincidences.

In the past the sender and recipient imported fine. Now it is not coming over in the import. Using the import utility I do see the sender and the recipient however it does not show up in Devonthink after the mail imports.

I looked at this forum and updated the agent as suggested in other posts. I am not sure how to check if the agent is the latest however I am having an issue.

Anyone having similar issues or a suggestion to resolve?

See High Sierra: Mail import logs "Unknown format?"

Thanks BLUEFROG. I did see that article but only skimmed it. I didn’t see the last bit that is what i have happening. I will wait for the next release.

Question I am assuming i need to tell the importer to show imported already mail and figure out what I imported already and manual de-dupe. If anyone has a better way let me know.

I’m thinking a Tools > Rebuild Database will rectify it.