Mail into DTOP

I know that the subject of mail into DTOP has been discussed frequently, but I haven’t been able to find the answer to this question. If I have one email that I’d like to get into DTOP how do I do it? As an aside, I don’t use I use Spark.


There doesn’t seem to be an elegant way to do this with Spark because Spark has a few limitations in this regard.

Spark doesn’t have built in support for AppleScript, which is what DEVONthink relies on for many of its other functions, including the integration with that comes with macOS. This means that neither DEVONtech people, nor users like you and I, can write scripts to take messages from Spark and bring them into DEVONthink.

Spark doesn’t use macOS share sheets or sharing extensions (like the share extension in Safari or Finder and many other applications), so the “Add to DEVONthink” extension is not accessible.

Spark doesn’t allow you to drag messages out of the application to arbitrary locations as a .eml file like so there’s no way of accessing an individual mail message in a friendly way (they do allow you to “Save message data” which saves the message as a .mbox file, which does not play nicely as a way of storing or accessing individual email message).

As far as I can tell, the best way to get a message from Spark to DEVONthink would be to use the Print function to save the message as a PDF (to DEVONthink, or to Finder then DEVONthink).

Though this only works with single messages at a time. Spark does not have the capability of printing multiple message threads.

Unless Spark integrates AppleScript or provides some friendlier ways of exporting messages, I think you’re rather limited in your options, and there’s not a lot that the DEVONtech people can do at this point (lacking AppleScript support).

Thanks for that detailed response about the relationship between Spark and DT, Scott. That cleared up a lot for me.

Fortunately, I really hadn’t planned to store many emails at all in DT, therefore your suggestion to print to pdf might be a solution I could use – as long as I don’t need to get a whole thread into DT. Then printing each message of the thread could be a drag. But at least I can get started with the occasional message this way.

Thanks again for the information.