Mail messages with or without attachments not at same place

I use DTPO extensively for all kinds of projects.
I love the scripts that help me archiving my mails.

However emails with and without attachments dont go to the same folder because emails with attachments create their own folders.

Is there a way to change this ?


Just did some tests -
The best I can come up with is:

1- Creating an folder in DTPO (ex: ProjectA_emails)
2- Creating a Smart folder within ProjectA_emails - that returns .eml files (kind = mails). Let’s call it: Merge _emails_and_attachments

3- (in Mac Mail) Selecting emails I wish to transfer (ex: 10 of them)
4- Applying the “ADD messages to Devonthink” script and I transfer to ProjectA_emails
5- Applying the “ADD attachments to Devonthink” script and I transfer to ProjectA_emails
(IMPORTANT: I will NOT be using the combined “ADD messages and attachments to Devonthink” script - as it creates folders for each individual message)

6- In DTPO: Consulting directly “Merge _emails_and_attachments”

This folder can be Replicated so I can have it in a convenient place in DTPO (and hide ProjectA_emails)

But it is a bit long… I guess it could be scripted - but I don’t script
Do other have better ideas ???



?----Why does DTPO not use the Mac folder system (placing files and folder at the same level within another folder). I hate Windows for that…


Sorry my English is sometimes clumsy… :blush:

I meant that :
In the Mac finder, files and folders are at the same level in a list, so they can be sorted altogether (ex: by name)

In DPTO, files are not at the same level as folders, so they cannot be sorted altogether (ex by name).

In this case, individual files are
-emails imported (.eml) without attachements OR
-attachments imported without their original email message (.docx)

and Folders are messages with an attachement

Or is there something I do wrong ?

Please see screenshots
Hi hope it helps to clarify…
Mac finder.png

This is dependent on the View you are using. In Three Pane, they are not. In List, Split, and Column Views, they are.

Thank you Jim

:exclamation: To be honest I had not noticed, since I always use the tree panes view - it is so convenient because it shows documents preview. Icons are not very useful in other views.

Since I know now, by searching “3 panes” or “pane view” on the forum, I noticed this issue (and other view issues) has been brought numerous times. I now understand some of the technical challenges…

A few users have suggested ways. Well, let’s hope.

I’ll try to do a better use of the Column or the Split view then.