Mail not "active" after importing email message

Here’s a quirk in the functionality that I have noticed. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, if it is a bug or what…

When I use the plugin to import a message to DTPO (using the keyboard shortcut), everything works just fine. If I try to use a keyboard shortcut directly after that (say F2 to bring up Mail Act-On commands), it does not work. It responds with the annoying BONK, seemingly telling me that Mail is not active.

Mail the app is active, but it seems the window is not. I have to either click on the window or Cmd-Tab away and back to Mail to get another keyboard shortcut to work.

Please let me know if this is the functionality expected from the plugin or if perhaps something is not quite right here.



OK. I’ve “fixed” this functionality by changing preferences to allow me to choose in which Group to place the email message. I actually like this for my workflow better.

That said, now when I scan, it asks me in which group to place the new scan. Again, I like this in my workflow as well. However, the new scan does not go where I tell it. Instead, it enters whatever Group I have open or the Global Inbox.

Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? Can you specify which Group to file an individual scan?


Regarding the scanning: if you use the built-in scan functionality it drops the scan in the currently open group. If you use an external scan application (such as ExactScan or ScanSnap Manager), you will see the group selector depending on your import preferences.

Thanks. I appreciate it.