Mail plugin - OSX Monterey

I reinstalled the mail plugin (I am on OSX Monterey). I have error message: “import of message failed” when I make a drag and drop from mail on DT3

  • is the plugin active (in Mail Preferences > General > Manage Plugins)?
  • where are you seeing the error message? Is any other information provided?
  • is DT allowed to automate Mail (System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > DEVONthink3 :ballot_box_with_check: Mail)?

Additionally - although this problem should cause a more specific error message in the log: is it possible that the specific mail you are trying to import was previously imported and is contained in a database (or its trash)?

Have you enabled Full Disk Access and Automation requests in System Privileges > Security & Privacy > Privacy?

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plugin active (just reinstalled to be sure before posting this first post
I see the error in DT3 Journal
automated is well set
full disk access too
I added to icloud: DT3 and mail and it worked once, and now no more
where can I find the log file to see if more info?

restarted my mac and seems to work… so ok for now
thanks to you

Thanks for the follow-up.

Note: We advocate rebooting devices at least once a week, just to be kind to them and eliminate potential stalled processes, flush temp, free resources, etc.