Mail Plugin

I have DTPro 2.5.1 and Mountain Lion. I’m try many time to install the mail plugin. Nothing works. The plugin is not there, library/mail/bundles

I need help.


The plugin would be installed in ~/Library/Mail/Bundles (note the ~ at the front).

Does this persist after rebooting your machine?

I too have not any DEVON plugin in ~/Library/Mail/Bundles although I have installed all plugins with DEVONthink Pro.

Does this persist after a machine reboot?

Yes, rebooted many many times.

Are you running Pro or Pro Office? The Mail plug-in is part of DEVONthink Pro Office app.

Running DEVONthink Pro only. If so, I didn’t know that. I wonder why it’s checked in Install Add-Ons window.

Ahh… Thanks for the assist, Greg. Missed that and yes, these are only Applescripts, not the Plugin.

The Apple Mail Rule Scripts are installed with the Pro (and Pro Office) version and they are located in the path ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Mail. You access these scripts from the Global scripts menu (enabled from the AppleScript app). The Pro Office version also includes the plug-in, which adds an import command directly to Mail’s Message menu.

Thank you very much for a detailed reply. I was confused with the “Rule” word in “Apple Mail Rule Scripts”. I have enabled the Global scripts menu and seen the scripts.