Mail Plugin


I use Apples Mail with Smartboxes. One is defined to be in sync with DevonThink Pro Office 2. This works Okay. Now I decided to add a new one to sync scanned documents (Lexmark printer can send scanned documents as emails), but the attached PDFs are not to visable in DevonThink. It would be fine to get the attachments ocr’ed in Devonthink.

Any way to do this?

Thanks a lot


If you have already imported emails with attached image-only PDFs, select one, Command-click (right click) and choose the contextual menu option, “Open With”. Choose Mail (probably the default). In Mail, save the attachments to a designated Finder folder. Later, go back to DTPO2 and select all of the PDFs contained in that folder and choose File > Import > Images (with OCR).

If the purpose of those emails is simply to contain the image-only PDFs, I wouldn’t bother importing the emails to DTPO2. In Mail, save the PDF attachments to a designated Finder folder as above, then Import them with OCR into DTPO2. Finally, delete the contents of that mailbox in Mail, in preparation for the next scanning episode.