Mail Rule vs. Menu Option

For the past few months I’ve been exclusively getting e-mails into DTP by highlighting everything in my inbox and choosing “Message -> Add to DEVONThink Pro Office”

I really want to setup a mail rule, but when I use the script at … le-script/

I get poor results. The messages come through with a “.eml” in the name, and are distorted (the plain text is displayed, not the HTML in the message).

Same messages appear fine when using the Message -> Add to DEVONThink Pro Office feature.

Is there a way to trigger the menu option with a mail rule?

EDIT: It appears my 2nd rule which archives the message and marks it unread is causing the strange issue (raw HTML to be displayed as plain text in the DTP copy). If I right click the message and select “Apply Rules” the message appears in DTP as expected.

Apple Mail’s rule support is unfortunately not that reliable anymore, e.g. the results might vary depending on the used account (POP3, IMAP etc.).