Mail Rules not working at all

It seems that the newer mail scripts do not work for me, though the older one (dated 2009) works fine.

I run “Mail Rule - Add messages to DEVONThink Pro.scpt” it seems to run but nothing shows up in my database. I have done a search and it’s definitely not there.

I am trying to use this in a Mail Act-On rule and there seems to be a problem with the old one, it chooses the wrong message to file. I would like to eliminate the script as an issue.

I don’t normally run this script with a MAO rule, but I just set it up as a test under Mountain Lion. I selected a message, brought up MAO, ran the rule, and the message was added to my Global Inbox. Mail Act-On 2.3.1b720.

The rule criteria:

I had the same setup, it doesn’t work as it stands.

If I comment out the “for rule theRule” phrase it works though.


check the console for messages (and submit relevant ones to DEVONtech Support), and/or try to move the script elsewhere and see if it works.

I’m not getting permissions errors nor any other console log messages. It jus doesn’t work.