Mail Tags not displaying in DTPO

I have started to use the latest iteration of Mail Tags on a trial basis as a means of taming, particularly, email. I used to use it and tags displayed in DTPO.

For reasons unknown, at present, Tags are not displaying in DTPO. I have checked Preference settings in both programs, including whether it is a restriction on trial versions of Mail Tags but that does not appear to be the case. Tags are displaying in the emails as received or sent prior to import to DTPO.

SmallCubed has made fundamental changes in MailTags and is currently not supported by us. This will likely be restored in the next major release.


Will the major release pick up tags retrospectively?

I can’t answer that at this time. I have to check with Development about a detail like that. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thanks for taking this up.
I’m not looking forward to the prospect of manually retagging hundred of e-mails!


Because Mail Tags was not playing nicely with DTPO and in view of Jim’s reply, I stopped using Mail Tags.

Wondering if DT 3 and Mail Tags are now compatible?

MailTags should be imported again (if the MailTags plugin is installed & enabled in Apple Mail).