Mail Temporarily Set Offline

Hi all,

I am new in here and love this product, so much so that I bought Pro Office. I am having a weird issue when importing mail. When it first starts, it comes up with error questioning if I have the latest mail application. There is no other option apart from pressing cancel to continue. After this I select Apple Mail from the drop box and it thinks again and loads the mail. Stating Temporarily Set Offline.

Any help or direction greatly appreciated on how to get around this. Thanks in advance.


What version of OS X are you running? Have you installed the Apple Mail Plugin from DEVONthink > Install Add-Ons…? After your close all applications and restart your machine (or log off and log on) is the situation changed?

When DEVONthink starts? Or when Mail starts? Or something else?

A screen shot of the “drop box” might be helpful to give readers context.

Hi Korm,
Thanks for your reply, sorry I forgot the information. Everything is current on my MacBook Air. Here is screen shot.


Sorry, I just realised that the dropbox is under the About Apple window. The only option is Apple Mail or Unix.

Assuming your copy of Mail is not installed in an unusual location, I would suggest closing Mail, closing DEVONthink, reinstalling DEVONthink, restarting the machine, then reinstalling the Apple Mail Plugin.

As reported here, this might solve this (apparently) rare problem.

That worked, I untucked all install add on options except for mail related ones. Rebooted and worked. This is a weird little glitch. Thank you Krom for your help.