Mailplane save clip broken for me (but not everyone?)


A recent upgrade to mailplane has changed the functionality of “save-clip”. It used to save .pdf and now saves an .eml (which ought to be better because we will get the attachments).

However, for me, it is broken (on DT3 standard), and I suspect this log message is part of the story:

11:48:48: /var/folders/cz/9rpcv0j108q0ncd51gx4c0y00000gn/T/mailplane/clip-JKqma3/XXX.eml	Unknown Format

Is my configuration broken or is the problem elsewhere?

Thanks in advance,

The file was imported according to the log but only the Pro/Server editions fully support email archiving & indexing etc.

I feared that was the answer, so this is regression for me. Thanks for the quick response.

(It might be nice if the log actually explained that the functionality exists, just not in this edition.)