Mailtags import into DEVONthink Pro


I’ve been rattling around the forums trying to find an answer to this, and I’m just getting more and more confused.

I just bought DTPro and wanted to use it in conjuction with Mailtags in 5.2 (running Lion) But whenever I try and store a mail in DTPro from Mail, I lose all the Mailtags information.

Am I doing something wrong? Is it only DTPO that will read in mailtags tagging info?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. A lot of the entries I’ve found seem to say this should be possible with DTPro, but I just can’t make it work.


DEVONthink Pro should import MailTags tags just fine, as they are the same OpenMeta tag format as is used in DEVONthink. How are you importing the emails and what tagging info specifically are you not seeing added in DEVONthink? (some MailTags meta data such as project info, only imports from DEVONthink Pro Office)

First time I tried to import, I just dragged the email from Mail to the Sorter.

That time it complained that it didn’t recognize the format (although the mail was imported)

Next, I used the ‘Add Message(s) to DEVONthink’ script from the scrips menu.

I knew that some of the MailTags fields don’t get imported, so I set one of everthing, Project, Keyword, and a note. But nothing shows up.

OSX 10.7.3
DEVONthink Pro 2.3.2
Mail 5.2
MailTags 3.0b1956

You should be seeing the keywords, at a minimum. You might also want to drag an email to the DTP icon in the Dock and see if the tags come across. Also you might want to double-check the version of MailTags that you are using and see if you are up to date. I don’t believe that the 3.0 builds are up to b1956 yet.

You’re absolutely right, I got the Mailtags version wrong.

It’s 3.0b1696

Tried dragging to the dock icon, and even then I don’t get any tags. and indeed, I get a log popup saying ‘Unknown Format’
The only way I don’t get that log message, is when I use the script to transfer the message, but even then i don’t get tags.

I did upgrade from DEVONthink Personal, perhaps that caused problems?

I might try uninstalling DEVONthink completely and starting from scratch again if you think that would help.

I doubt that having upgraded from DT Personal might cause a problem, but I suppose it is possible? I suspect that this may be more than missing tags from MailTags. The fact that you are getting “unknown format” errors when importing messages from is not normal either. Have you tried all the commands from the tools menu to verify the health of your database(s)? I’m really at a loss as to what you might try next, but I’d be concerned about the unknown format message when importing emails.

Well, I did the complete re-install, manually wiped out everything, re-installed from new, and created a new Database. Still getting the same problem. So, I’m going to ping devon-technologies support and see if they can give me a definitive answer one way or the other.

I got the final word from devon tech support…

So now I just need to work out how to convince my boss to let me expense the extra :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry that I did not know that earlier-learned something new myself today!

Frankly, the additional support for email in DEVONthink Pro Office over Pro was the main reason I upgraded versions. You’ll not regret upgrading.