Main Screen on the iphone


Would it be possible to have as an option the choice to display or not the following items of the main screen:
And maybe the Search as an icon into the bottom bar.
This will offer more room into that screen.

Also, how can I move item created on the iphone from the Global Inbox to another database coming from the sync?

Thanks and regards.

I’d rather not add too many configuration options, but I’ll see if we can do something to gain some space on the iPhone.

Unfortunately, at this point the only way to move an item from the Global Inbox to another database is in DEVONthink. We are working on adding that capability to DTTG for a future release.


And thanks for your reply.
I do not know if I am the only one, but I do not need the “recent” or “unread” items on my screen. I would prefer to not see them at all since the majority of the items comes from the sync they have been readed and are not recent.
This is why as an option to display them or not can make everybody happy :smiley:

Thanks and regards.