Main window icon on right near name of document


In the main window of some database there is a icon near the name of some

Icon is like ? a short white line with blue background.
Some documents are .pdf
Some documents are .htm

I dont know the reasons.

Jochen (.de)


Now I learned that the icon is a reference to an index.

But I don’t know in wich way come this icon to some files.

Some files with icon index have an url in the information window, but some files with icon index have no url in the information window.

Jochen (.de)

Indexed files are not part of the database package (contrary to imported files). Maybe you’ve used Command-Option-Drag & Drop?


I’m not shure when I used the Pro.
First I had he normal version of DT.
Later I bought the Pro and I think I doesn’t Command-Option-Drag & Drop.

Normally I would store the original in the database and I learned that in the database there is a folder named “file”.
In this folder I see this index document as original?

Hope you understand my english :wink:

Jochen (.de)

No, only Imported items are copied into the Files folder inside the database package file.

Indexed files remain external to the database package.

Import = File > Import > Files & Folders, or Drag & Drop from the Finder to DT Pro.

Index = File > Index, or Option-Command-Drag & Drop from the Finder to DT Pro.