Main window Search occasionally mis-fires

This has happened a few times: I search for some odd word and am shown every item in the Inbox. Example: searching for the author Vinjamuri.
If I use the dedicated Search window all is correct. (For Vinjamuri, no instances)

DevonThink Pro 2.7.2

Yes, I thought this was odd when I read it and did a little experiment. This is in three-pane view (other views might do the same). If you type “Vinjamuri”, then while you type there is nothing found and the upper right pane for the document list eventually goes blank. But as soon as you hit Return all of the items in the Inbox or selected Group reappear … and the message “No Items Found” appears in the upper left corner of the display.

I don’t this is new behavior. Nor am I sure it is necessarily the wrong way to handle “not found”.