maintaining mailinglist archives

I came up with a little idea as to what I could use Devonthink, to really make it useful to me. I would like to put all my thousands of mailinglist mails into it, pre-sorting for the different topics, so that I can actually build my own little knowledgebase.
Is this possible right now? Can I import the mbox format Entourage and others export? It is just plain text, afterall, but still I would be able to import one mbox file into DT and have it automatically create one textentry for each post. Is this possible at all? Or is that maybe something you will incorporate in the (not so distant) future?


MBOX import will definitely come and then you should be able to build a knowledge base containing your mailinglist archives.

Sounds great  ;D
Is there anything like a roadmap or the like to see what’s up and coming? Or maybe even a predicted date for the SE?


Currently no roadmap but this could be a good idea. In addition, no date for the SE (still licensing issues - never ending story). But hopefully rather sooner than later  ;D

Right now DT won’t recognize the Entourage .mbox output (when dragging a folder to the desktop). I had to manually save the file as plain text and then it was imported. In case mbox importing is somewhat difficult, how about creating a script that will split a single document in several documents in order to keep things nice? Another nice script could be the removal of internet headers…


MBOX import will come - it’s not implemented yet  ;D

whoops, I wasn’t very clear - I fear :wink:
Using the Mail to DT Script that was included I was able to
a) import my emails into (since I never started it on the system asked me at the first starting if I wanted to import my Entourage mail)
b) used the script and went for a (long) walk
c) foudn some mbox files on my desktop that were imported into Devonthink (but unfortunately the title of the texts were the names of the senders rather than the topics they wrote about…)

Therefore I thought you already had mbox support in DT, since those specific mbox files imported without a hitch, whereas the Entourage mbox wasn’t working for DT…