Major Problems with DTTG: data loss and tagging problems

I have a number of databases synced between Mac, iPhone and iPad, though almost exclusively use iOS. I have a large-ish database (1800 items, mostly PDFs), with a large number of tags (600). A few days ago I started noticing annotations disappearing on the most recently annotated pdfs. The auto-suggesting in tags also started to fail, quite spectacularly; in those instances, when I type in the tag, a duplicate tag is created. After working with files for an hour, I might have 9 versions of the same tag, each with 1 file. Though, oddly, not on the Mac, after the sync, a single tag remains. I have twice cleaned the database on the Mac side, completely re-establishing the sync store. More recently I completely rebuilt the database, and again re-established the sync store from scratch. The behavior continues, with more annotation data loss. I have a ticket out, but wonder if others are experiencing similar issues. Just checking now, I realize my iPad is on 10.2.1, while my iphone is on 10.3 beta 3.

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Does this happen on both devices/iOS versions?

Thanks so much for asking. Yes, the same auto-suggest issue happens on the iPhone when I attempt to tag I that database. I am not sure about annotation loss, as I have not annotated on the iPhone.

I should have mentioned in my initial post that, despite this issue – which may be my fault somehow and will probably be resolved – I could not be more impressed (deeply impressed) by DTTG, which is an astonishingly powerful iOS app and elegantly designed. It is a true game-changer for academic work on iOS. I can’t wait to resume using it once this is resolved.

The customer will soon receive a beta that might address his issue (which could be related to new cache limits).

The latest beta release appears to have fixed the problem. Thanks!