Make 'Go To document...' UI wider

DT3’s Go To document... function is great, especially useful when I want to search for some files.
However, I was wondering if we can adjust the width of the searching window?

I am using DT3 to store all the papers which always has long filename and starts with author and year. Hence, it is common that several files have exactly the same heading. Currently, the ‘Go To document’ UI is too narrow and I cannot find the file I want to open.

Is the title of the document - see the Document > Properties inspector - the same as the filename?

I just checked. The title field of the document is empty. And I just search it with the filename.

Perhaps you would benefit from using the Alfred workflow for searching in certain scenarios…

Popovers aren’t resizable but the next release will slightly increase the width.

Thank you!

Thank you.
I have that workflow. But I want to search file by their filename with Go-> To Document..., instead of the intelligent searching of DT3.