"Make Link" in plain text documents

Is the “Make Link” function supposed to be available for linking from inside of plain text items to other DT items?

I can get this work on a rich text document, but “Make Link” doesn’t seem to be available inside a plain text item. I kind of see that as a strong hint, but thought I’d ask.

Being fairly new to DT, I’m still experimenting and trying to figure out how I want my items configured (importing from Yojimbo).

Plain text documents cannot have links (e.g., links to web sites). That’s not a DEVONthink limitation - it’s how plain text works.

OTOH, DEVONthink supports “WIki Links” – essentially a link that opens another document that has the name of the link text. The Help file explains how this works. Wiki Links work in plain text documents as long as the containing file is viewed in DEVONthink.

Just to expand on what korm said, plain text documents can have clickable URLs that link to Web sites, local documents, etc. What plain text documents cannot have (using the Make Link command) is clickable text linked to a URL, as is the case here with this link to Apple’s Web page.

Note that with plain text documents, in DEVONthink and in other applications, you may need to right-click in the document, choose ‘Substitutions’, and check the option for ‘Smart Links’.

This will convert URLs that the OS recognizes into underlined, blue text that is clickable.

Thank you, all, for your replies. :slight_smile:

The concept of the links is clearer to me now.