make "Move to" reflect recent auto-classify choices

That about says it. Sometimes I’m using auto-classify, and the folder I’ve used recently in that function doesn’t come up as an auto-classify choice. But it doesn’t appear in the recently used list of the contextual menu “Move to” function either. Could the two share a “recently-used” list? seems to make sense.

Auto Classify does not present the user with a choice of groups. Do you mean the ‘Classify’ section of the See Also & Classify drawer?

I see the Move to function and the Classify function as two totally different functions. The proposed groups in Classify are based on the AI in DEVONthink while ‘Move to’ history is what the user has done recently. I can perhaps see value in having the recent destination group(s) for classify added to the ‘Move to’ history, but I cannot see the two functions sharing the same list.

How large is your database? If it is relativity small, then the groups suggested via classify may not adequately anticipate your needs. The AI of DEVONthink gets better and better at classification as the database grows in content.