Make Root

It would be useful to have an option to make a selected item the root in the current browser window (when viewing as a treelist).

Simply double-click the group to open it in a separate browser window. It’s the root there, then.



I would prefer to not have to open a separate window. I have just found that Option double-clicking on a node does essentially what I want in that it leaves you with a single window open with the node clicked on as root. Unfortunately as it is actually opening a new window and closing the original there are still a couple of issues.

  1. The window sometimes changes position and
  2. The window sometimes changes view

This feature (Option double-click node) would, I feel, work much better if it simply changed the root node in the current window to the node clicked rather than opening a new window and closing the old.

Exactly. Something I’ve been wanting very much, but slightly revised: I would prefer just a double-click to make it do this, and an option-double-click to make it open in a new window – just the way the Apple Finder does.

A “Browse in place” option will be probably added to one of the next 1.9.x releases.

Thanks guys. May I say how refreshing it is to find a software company who takes notice of feedback from users. As a software developer myself I am well aware that it is not always possible to implement every little feature and tweak that users might feel worthwhile. DT’s support is definitely superior to the majority of companies out there. Keep up the great work guys. :smiley:

Thanks! Please make that “probably” a definite yes :wink:

v 1.9.2 adds the “Browse in place” functionality very nicely, thank you.

One suggestion with it though:
Option-double-click still performs the old operation of opening a new browser window and closing the old one. As far as I can tell that function is now pointless – no matter which preference the user has selected. What it should be changed to do is to modify the chosen preference for that particular instance, thus:

  • If Preference “Always open groups in a new window” is selected (checked), then Option-Double-click should open the group in the same browser window.
  • If the same Preference is unchecked then Option-double-click should open the group in a new browser window.
    This would allow the user to modify his/her chosen preference for any single instance, and would be exactly the same as the Finder :slight_smile:

As currently is if you always have groups open in the same window the only way to get a group to open in a new window is to goto the contextual menu and select Open. Doable, but I think the behaviour suggested above would make more sense and be more what users are used to since the Finder operates that way.

Thanks for the improvement though!

thank you for the suggestion, this will be probably adapted in v1.9.3