Make search wait until I'm done?

There must be some way to get search in a database to wait until I am done typing. I am quite tired of having to wait nearly a minute (yes, my database is big) so I can finish typing the word I am looking for. For instance, I type L…á… and then I wait while it finds González, Arrázola, etc etc, until I can finish typing the word “Lázaro”.


PS–I am sure that this has been addressed somewhere, but searching for “search” brings up about 5,000 entries, and then after looking at the first 10, I get “Search cannot be used at this time”. So sorry if I am asking the same old same old.

If you use the Find box on the toolbar, click the small downward-pointing triangle next to the magnifying glass and deselect the “Prefix while typing” option (i.e., click to remove the checkmark). There is a clue when “Prefix while typing” is turned on – when the Find box is empty you’ll see “Prefix” in light grey along with a clue word for the other options that are set.

If you use Tools > Search… you won’t have to deal with DT anticipating your entry, since that feature doesn’t use prefix while typing.

Thanks korm. I was very confused–I had done that before, but I still got what I thought was “the same” behavior, but it isn’t. Your hint helped me find the right page in the manual (p. 184 in the “screen” manual), and that explained my other questions as well.