Make sorting order same as in Finder

In Finder the “-” Minus character sorts above the “+” Plus character. In DevonThinkPro it’s the other way around.

You can verify this by sorting the name column and have the little triangle point upwards like a pyramid.

In Finder it sorts like this:

Untitled Folder -
Untitled Folder +

In DTP it sorts like this:

New Rich Text +
New Rich Text -

I don’t want to go into details, but this discrepancy has caused a big error in my work. I wonder why this difference in sorting exists to begin with. I wonder if other characters are affected as well. Isn’t everything supposed to be Unix Certified ? Is it a mistake by Apple or by DevonTechnologies ?

Even if Apple does it wrong, not obeying some ISO norm on character sorting (if that even exists - I do hope so), it would be at least great to have a harmonized working atmosphere.

I’ve just checked this and it’s not a bug of DEVONthink, the OS is inconsistent.